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About the campaign

The Greystones Tidy Towns Every Cup Counts campaign is gathering pledges from every café in Greystones to sell Reusable coffee cups. We are also asking them to offer a discount to their customers for using their own reusable cups. This will encourage coffee and tea drinkers to bring their own and reduce the need for single-use cups.

We are supplying cafés with our Greystones-branded Keep Cups to sell as reusables and are also investigating the use of compostable cups as an alternative to standard disposable cups.

Our Reusable coffee cup

The campaign was triggered by the ever-growing number of disposable cups evident throughout the town. Being staggered, as were most of the country, to learn that 2 million cups were going to landfill in Ireland on a daily basis, we felt it was time to tackle the problem. It is up to everyone to be accountable for their actions, and not let that cup of coffee / tea cost the earth. There is no excuse for single use. Every cup counts!

Why reusable cups?


It's good for the environment. Each disposable cup kept from landfill is a step towards a cleaner town and planet.


If you sell in reusable cups you need to buy less cups, if you use a cup you can save on each purchase.


Help your community to be a cleaner and more conscious place to live.

Our Story

The campaign unfolds...

  • Christmas 2017

    Where it all began

    A trial run of 100 KeepCups were bought and offered for sale at cost price €8 at the market promoting them as novel but useful Christmas gifts.

  • January 2018

    Keep Cups

    Following the success and interest in the Christmas cups we spoke to the cafés in the town and most agreed to sell reusable Keep Cups.

  • February 2018

    The Survey

    Students form Templecarrig School are conducting a survey of cafés, businesses and people on the street to gain insight into the waste created in Greystones and the potential for reusable and compostable coffee cups.

  • February 2018

    The Pledge

    Cafés across Greystones have started to sign the Pledge to only sell reusable cups from now on, and to provide a discount to their customers for using them.

How to get involved


If you sell tea and coffee then you can start by selling Reusable cups and offering discounts to customers who use them. .


If you run a business you can help by promoting Reusable cups to your staff, and by filling the survey when the studetns call around.

Coffee / tea drinkers

If you regularly drink tea or coffee then you can help by buying a Reusable cup and taking it with you when ging for a tea / coffee. .

Our Partners

The wonderful organisations who are helpping with this project.

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